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To the Pacino

It is the urban actor by excellence, a sharp face by the violence of the street, the look that knows to view backwards, to the cynicism that turns pale in the eyes that have seen it all.

Owner of a filmography chosen with intelligence and commitment, companion of generation of Robert of Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Scorsese or Coppola, Pacino has so good future nowadays, to its 64 years, as when debuted in the movies to ends of the sixty. The seriousness with the one that seems that confronts their work, along with a presence, I sit of all a stunning career embroidering roles, they do interesting any film in which participate, already be full successes of force and conviction as A Sunday any (1999, Oliver Stone) or on the contrary deceptions like to Negotiate with the devil.

Alfredo James Pacino is born in 1940, Italian ancestry parents son. Its father abandons him and to his mother when To The alone account with three years. He passes the infancy in the Bronx, and at the age of 19 his mother dies. This period of youth was a difficult road that came launch him face down toward the alcohol, the depression and even a suicide attempt. In the worst moments, the theater seemed to offer him that that him not its family situation gave or the bored classes in the school. Paco has also recalled some time its experiences on the street, when ran of roof in roof with its cronies in the south part of the Bronx.

The theatrical itch appears already at the age of 14, when the adolescent Upon responding to a representation of The seagull of Chekhov of the one that leaves deeply impressed. He will participate in theatrical projects in the school, and in 1966 you grasped to the Actors Studio of he Reads Stasberg, the same as they had done it before Marlon Brando, Paul Newman or Warren Beatty.
Soon it will enter professionally in the Off Broadway neoyorkino, in a career of ascending tendency that culminates with the Tony that receives for its role in the work Does to tiger wear to Necklie?

The theater will mark the modus operandi of Pacino during all its career, in its words: “Fue the commitment that acquired with the theatrical experience what decided my life for always”.

In 1969 it debuts in the movies with Me, Natalie, in a secondary role. In 1971 it acts as absolute protagonist in Panic in Needle Park, of Jerry Schatzberg. In 1972, Francis Ford Coppola confronts the adaptation of the novel The godfather of Mario Puzo. For the role of Michael Corleone, one of the children of the godfather Mr. Vito interpreted by Marlon Brando, the consecrated names are shuffled of Robert Redford, Ryan OR´Neal or Warren Beatty, but Coppola trusts the role to an unknown one Pacino. This, although with the nerves to the surface during all the filming, takes advantage of the opportunity and obtains a memorable work. In the film, its personage progresses in a way subtle of the good American, young, decent and with a prosperous future in the company, to the merciless godfather that catches the reins of the family Corleone after the death of Mr. Vito.

This evolution is expanded with the second part of the film, rolled in 1974, in which Pacino is finally on the other hand of the innocent one Michael that began the first film. Its action in The godfather I was worth a nomination to the Oscar as better secondary actor.

It written down the actor thanks to the saga of the Corleone, will obtain paths nominations to the Oscar by Serpico (1974, Sidney Lumet) and Late of dogs (1976, also of Lumet). By the same epoch, Pacino is to little to interpret the main role in Marathon man, but finally Dustin Hoffman will take charge of the work.

The filmography of the continuous actor with titles as Justice for all (1979, they Establish norms for Jewison), where interprets a youth and idealistic lawyer faced to the dilemma among saving its promising career or to be maintained coherent to its ideas. They would continue him films as The hunt (1980), Author author! (1983) and the review of the classical film of gangsters Scarface of Howard Hawks that themselves holder The price of the power, under the orders of the ostentatious one Brian of Palm and the hyphen of Oliver Stone. A movie of violent tone, where Pacino is Tony Montana, a gangster of little substance that scale to the higher of the crime organized of Miami.

One of the most controversial points of its career arrives with Revolution (1985, Hug Hudson), an unexpected failure of criticism and public, whose filming represented a great quantity of difficulties and misfortunes, included a pneumonia of Pacino. The deception is explosive, never up till then Pacino had crashed of such form. Its private penitence will be to be moved away four years of the movies until 1989, with the, now yes, very box-office Melody of seduction (1989, Harold Becker). From then its career will not do more than growing, whether with more nominations to the Oscar (by Dick Tracy, of Warren Beatty, 1990), with the recovery of a pathetic one Michael Corleone in the autumn of its life in the third delivery of The godfather (1990), or with the recognition of the community of Hollywood with the Oscar by Essence of woman (1993, Martin Brest), where embodies a colonel Blind and grouch, role designed especially for contenders to statuette.

In 1996 it directs its very personal vision of the world of Shakespeare Looking for Richard, where dismantles as a layman the Ricardo III of the English playwright, approaching the general public, among interviews to myths of the theater and movies shakesperiano like John Gielgud or Kenneth Brannagh, and even statements of normal people and current on foot of street. That same year interprets to a gangster in low hours trying to instruct to Johnny Depp in Donnie Brasco, notable film of Mike Newell. In 1999, with The dilemma of Michael Mann, confronts a tricky theme in a revealing and dynamic film, where shares prominence with a hounded Russell Crowe.

In the 2002 it presides the Actors Studio along with Harvey Keitel and Ellen Burstyn, although does not decrease its activity in the movies, and continues working in a minimum of a movie per year.

In its private life, Pacino has been quite jealous and protector of its intimacy. Single vocational, they are recognized him diverse romances with, among others, Diane Keaton. With regard to the marriage, assures that is seen married, “algún day will happen. It itself”. Has three daughters, Julie Marie, and some twin fruit of its relation with Beberly D´Angelo, its same old girlfriend.

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9 comments in To The Pacino

  1. For my To The Pacino will always be Michael Corleone, is its better role.

  2. To the Pacino is a very large actor, its role of Michael Corleone in the trilogy of “El Godfather” was insurmountable.

  3. I cannot understand as did not they give the Oscar better actor by their role in “El Godfather”. To the Pacino deserved itself it.

  4. In the end was recognized in 1992 its work and won the Oscar to better actor by its action in “Perfume of woman”.

  5. You recall that To The Pacino received a prize BAFTA as better actor in “El Godfather II”.

  6. Another of its stellar actions to part of the role of Michael Corleone is that of Tony Montana in Scarface. By this action To The Pacino obtained a nomination to the Globes of Gold.

  7. Paco is the largest one, ¿Someone can recommend me some movie his?

  8. Teresa you bearing a grudge “Esencia of woman” or those of the Godfather, I believe that are the better movies where performs better its role of actor, greetings.

  9. To the Pacino has worked in a lot movies, even won a prize of the Academy by the movie “Scent of to Woman” (1992) but he will always be Michael Corleone in The Godfather. Me do not I tire to see the trilogy of Coppola, especially the first saga. 100% recommendable!


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