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Begins the red carpet. Through this page (you can goit bringing up to date with the key F5 of your keyboard) will be able to continue in direct everything that happens with the 83 edition of the OSCAR, a gala that this year is focused the youths, so much by the presenters James Franco and Anne Hathaway, the youngest in presenting the gala of all the history of the prizes, as by the presence of the networks Social during all the ceremony.

- The red carpet already has begun, we can see as the actresses have chosen to the French firms, Chanel, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier…

- The presenter Anne Hathaway has arrived at the Gala with a precious dress of red color as the carpet.

- The small one Hailee Steinfeld has overrated for a similar fashion design to that of a dancer, with a precious one collected in the hair.

- Jennifer Lawrence with a red dress of CK has not I have just found the glamour with this election.

- He Try Blanchett for the time being he is one of the most elegant actresses of the gala.

- Scarlett Johansson simple but elegant with a dress of burgundy color of Dolce&Gabbana.

- Marisa Tomei carries a temperate black dress.

- Amy Adams with precious red-haired scalp strolls itself with a model of paillettes.

- Sharon Stone stunning with a dress with feathers.

- Justin Timberlake causes commotion with its arrival dressed of Tom Ford.

- Tim Burton with its Greek woman Bonham Carter carries a curious bag fan and a daredevil dressed very in its linea.

- Hilary Swank guapísima with a silver honor word dress also with feathers.

- Colin Firth very good-looking walks through the network carpus.

- Nicole Kidman surprises us with a white dress of Dior.

- Our Javier already is on the carpet along with Penélope Cross, first official apparition of the actress after its labor, spectacular with a red dress of sequins and great divert of the firm L’Wren Scott and with jewels of Chopard.

- It Find Berry with a look of Marchesa with crystals and flying, very seemed to dresses of other years walks through the carpet.

- Christian Bleat with beard and suit strolls itself in search of the Oscar.

- Reese Witherspoon blank and black.

- Gwyneth Paltrow fantastic with a dress of Calvin Klein metallic.

- Another actress of red, Sandra Bullock with a model of Edge Wang.

- Robert Downey Jr. and Mathew McConaughey of the most good-looking of the carpet.

- Greek Bonham Carter with a dress of Colleen Atwood black and to set you in its right leg, carries tied a British flag.

- Hellen Mirren with a style ochentero upon carrying shoulder pads, but elegant.

- Natalie Portman carries a draped dress of chiffon of silk of violet color with Swarovski to Roll you.

- The red carpet already is finalizing and we have verified as the red color is the great protagonist.

- They Lack less than 10 minutes so that harms the gala, you take advantage of to catch the popcorn because now begins the spectacle.

- The gala is going to begin with a video of Anne Hathaway and James Franco, after its speech of welcome we will find us with the Kodak Theater decorated as “Lo that the wind was carried”.

- Already we have the two presenters being strolled to the style “Origen” by the movies nominated and carrying out parodies of them, Morgan Freeman participates in the joke.

- AND rising to the DeLorean of “Regreso to the Future” begins the Gala.

- The dress that carries now Anne Hethaway very is seemed to that of Nicole Kidman.

- The first prizes will deliver them Tom Hanks in the categories of artistic direction and photography.

- Leaves and they recall winning movies in previous editions.

- The first one Oscar at night goes for the artistic direction of “Alicia in the wonderland” (”Alice or Wonderland”).

- The winner in photography is “Origen” (”Inception”).

- First commercial break of the Gala.

- All standing leaves Kirk Douglas to present the Oscar to better actress of distribution, but before compliments to Anne Hathaway “¿Dónde you were when I did movies”.

- They deliver the envelope of the winner to Kirk.

- The best actress of distribution is Melissa I Read for its action in “The Fighter”, is very touched and trembling, escapes him itself a “taco” by the emotion.

- Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis give the 2 animation short film prizes and feature film of animation.

- Justin jokes “Soy Bansky”.

- The Oscar for the short Film of animation is for “The last thing”.

- The Oscar of the feature film of animation is carried it of course “Toy Story 3″, now sure that itself does not be going to carry it as better feature film…

- Second commercial break.

- AND second transformation of the decorated of theater, now is set in the first delivery of the Oscar, that of 1929 in the hotel Roosevelt.

- Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin announce the Oscar to the better hyphens, first the adapted and later the original one.

- Better hyphen adapted for Aaron Sorkin by the “La social network”.

- Oscar for David Seidler and “El speech of the King” and its original hyphen.

- ¿The Oscar of the original hyphen had to carry it to him Christopher Nolan by “Origen”?

- Third commercial break.

- Anne Hathaway has changed its image with tuxedo to sing, guapísima.

- James Franco appears dress like Marylin Monroe.

- Oscar to the best foreign movie, they deliver it Russell Brand and Helen Mirren.

- The Oscar to better foreign movie is for “En a better world”(”In TO Better World”).

- ”Biutiful” has lost the Oscar.

- Reese Witherspoon presents us the Oscar to the best supporting actor.

- The best supporting actor is Christian Bleat by “The Fighter”.

- Fourth commercial break.

- After the publicity Tom Sherak president of the Academy will give us its speech.

- Australia seizes the Kodak Theatre, Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman present the Oscar to the best soundtrack.

- The orquestra has delighted us with famous themes of the movies.

- The best score is for Trent Reznor and “La social network”.

- “La social network” carries for the time being 2 Oscars.

- Matthew McConaughey and Scarlett Johansson, impressive present the 2 prizes of sound, mixture and later assembly.

- The Oscar for Better assembly of sound “Origen”.

- The best assembly of sound is for “Origen”.

- The two sex symbols go to leave step to the publicity.

- “Origen” carries 3 Oscars.

- Certainly the green dress of Anne Hathaway is fabulous.

- Marisa Tomei presents the summary of the Technical and Scientific Prizes.

- It Try Blanchett gives the Oscar to the best makeup and design of wardrobe.

- ”El werewolf” is carried the Oscar by the best makeup.

- The Oscar to the best design of wardrobe is carried it Colleen Atwood by “Alicia in the wonderland”.

- “Alicia in the wonderland” and “La social network” carry 2 Oscars this night.

- Now they are interpreted the 2 first songs nominated to the Oscar.

- Kevin Spacey announces the action of Randy Newman to the piano to interpret the theme of “Toy Story 3″.

- Later it touches the shift to another theme of animation, “Enredados” with Mandy Moore, Zachary Levy and Alan Menken.

- Rest with the publicity, is Gala is a lot more fast than to the other editions to the ones that had us usual.

- Two presenters Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal to present us the Oscar to the short films, the documentary one and of real image.

- The Oscar for the best documentary short film is for “Stragers does Not Die”.

- The two young actors form a very good couple, ¿do not you believe it?

- The best short film of fiction is for “God of Love" of Luke Matheny.

- We See an assembly in musical style and very Youtube with movies super youthful, the saga of Harry Potter, Twilight…

- Anne Hathaway entertains with its new dress.

- The television one Oprah Winfrey presents the best documentary one.

- The Oscar is carried it ”Inside Job” of Chat Ferguson and Audrey Marrs.

- That pity we have remained with the desires to see who is Bansky.

- After this commercial break is transformed for third time the decorated of the Kodak Theatre doing a homage of the first ceremony of the Oscar televised, being transformed of the white and black one to the color.

- Billy Crystal is carried the second ovation at night.

- For the time being there is not a great winner in this edition of the Oscar 2011.

- Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law (Holmes and Watson) with the same chemistry that in “Sherlock Holmes” they present the Oscar to the better effects visual and better assembly.

- The Oscar to the better visual effects they are for “Origen”.

- “La social network” is carried the Oscar to better assembly.

- ”Origen” goes winning with 4 Oscars, “La Social Network” with 3 and The speech of the King” only carries 1, for the time being…

- ¿What the two seem you young presenters?, ¿they are to the height of the Gala?

- After this commercial break we have the second part of the songs nominated.

- The winner of the Oscar presents Them Jennifer Hudson.

- Florence Welch and TO.R. Rahman interpret the third song of the gala “If I rise” for the movie “127 hours”.

- Gwyneth Paltrow is presented for Jennifer Hudson to interpret the fear “Coming home” of “Country strong”.

- The Oscar to the best song is for Randy Newman with “We Belong Together” of “Toy Story 3″.

- Another step to the publicity.

- A little rest before the last Oscar to delivery with the Projection of the In memoriam (homage to the dead in the last year).

- Celine Dion sings “Smile” of Charlie Chaplin in the In memoriam.

- It Find Berry emphasizes especially inside the In memoriam to Lena Horne while sounds Stormy Weather.

- We have seen in the In Memoriam to Of Laurentis, Tony Curtis, Glory Stuart, Leslie Nielsen, Bran Renfo, Corey Haim, Harold Gould…

- After this commercial break we have to prepare us for the among to the Oscar to the the best Direction.

- In the third change of dress Anne Hathaway dressed of Vivienne Westwood.

- Hilary Swank presents the winner of the Oscar to the best Direction of last year Kathryn Bigelow.

- The Oscar to the best Direction delivers to Tom Hooper by “El speech of the king”.

- ¿The Oscar to Better Direction tapeworm that to be for David Fincher?

- Annette Bening that goes for its quarter nomination the delivery of the Oscars recalls us honorable the past November.

- Exciting Moment in the Gala with 3 large on the setting, Francis Ford Coppola, Eli Wallach and Kevin Brunlow, but without words.

- Penultimate step to the publicity at night.

- Now we find us the Kodak Theatre transformed into the Chinese theater of Hollywood.

- Jeff Bridges delivers the Oscar to the best actress protagonist.

- The best actress is Natalie Portman by “Cisne black”.

- We Recall as he goes the night, “Origen” he carries 4 Oscar, “La Social Network” 3 Oscar, “The Fighter” along with “Alicia in the wonderland” and “El discuros of the king” 2 Oscar and finally 1 for “Cisne black”.

- Certainly ¿someone has seen “Perfect Blue” of Satoshi Kon and he has recalled suspiciously to “Cisne black”?

- We Go with the penultimate prize of the Gala presented by Sandra Bullock with the delivery of the Oscar to the best actor protagonist, with joke included for Jesse Eisenberg and Facebook.

- ¡Bardem, spirits!

- The Oscar to better actor protagonist is for Colin Firth by “El speech of the king”.

- Bardem remains without the second one Oscar.

- Colin Firth comments: “Siento that my career has arrived at the climactic point”.

- Last I breathe with the publicity before knowing which is the movie of the year.

- In these two Oscars, better actress and better actor there has not been surprises with the winners.

- In the middle of the soundtrack of “Jurassic Park” appears Steven Spielberg to announce the Oscar to the best movie of the year.

- The Oscar to the best movie is for “El speech of the king”.

- With this Oscar “El speech of the king” is confirmed like the winner at night.

- James Franco and Anne Hathaway say good-bye and they close the ceremony with the song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” interpreted by a chorus of children of 5º of grade school.

- The Gala has finalized with tie, ”El speech of the King” and “Origen” are carried 4 Oscar.

Thanks to all by continuing us this night of movie!, now we leave you the list of the winners of the Oscar 2011, we expect you next year.

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  1. Already I want that they harm the oscar. We GO BARDEM!

  2. My favorite movie is “El speech of the King” sure that is the winner of the gala.

  3. I aim me! ':)'

  4. I expect that the fact that “El speech of the king” be not American be not impediment to win the oscars that can deserve.

  5. Already we are prepared to see the Oscar! ':)'

  6. we will win

  7. Ready to see the Oscar!!

  8. I am ready to be able to enjoy this gala of the prizes oscar!!!

  9. I have seen the news and they said that the presenter of this year, Anne Hathaway, was mistaken enough in the trials James Franco is also a beginner presenting
    To see how the presenters do it!

  10. The speech of the King is favorite for the alone prizes we expect friends =)

  11. You believe that Bardem has possibilities?

  12. Natalie Portman said that was quite hard to do the pelicula “El black Swan”, that I come I affect him…
    I have seen the movie and he is very good, and hard. Me not strange that be one of them nominated

  13. Who will win “Red social” or “Inception”?

  14. The competence is large, there is very good movies. “La Social Network” is very good movie, just like “El Speech of the King” and “El Black Swan”, are my 3 favorite
    Which will it win of them nominated? Emotion to the last second…

  15. “El Speech of the King” and “Red Social” have many followers but in this case I remain with “El Speech of the King”

  16. Try Blanchett always goes impeccably dress and one must recognize that Scarlet Johansson is sex appeal. I love to see and to comment the suits of the actresses!
    To see who goes but elegant, or outlandish.

  17. To see if to the third comment the web is charged because this does not go… that good-looking Sharon Stone, that is glamour and it demas are tonterias

  18. It is known if is going to go to the Oscars Penélope Cross?

    Certainly, Sharon Stone ¿lives in formol? It carries years thus, ¡how is conserved!

  19. The truth is that I do not believe that this year win Bardem, would be genial but there are very good actors and Colin Firth for example has done an excellent work also, Jeff Bridges in “Valor of Law” is incredible… mmm… is difficult.

  20. That good-looking goes Sharon Stone! Never it loses the glamour. I love!!

  21. @Koji

    Therefore I recognize that I have not seen “Biutiful” but very good role has to cause win him the oscar to Colin Firth. Almost that the oscar surer than I see is to that of Better Actor.

  22. Sharon Stone already has his 52 years and a youth seems, he is precious with that suit with feathers, ¡¡espectacular!

  23. Someone said that if you cannot be elegant that be eccentric. I believe that this night we will see many extravagances above all among the less well-known.

  24. Me encantaria to see Penelope Cross dressed by a Spaniard but I believe that that is an impossible one.

  25. Natalie Portman we expect that come to win since to many them flavor the work carried out in the Black Swan!!!

  26. I remain above all with Sharon Stone for now, impressive

  27. Eye that Annette Bening tambien is very popular and good actress, and can give a great surprise…

  28. To Greek Bonham Carter did not cause lacks him a lot of characterization in its personage in Harry Potter: Bellatrix. It expected it in the most extravagant carpet.

  29. I want the dress of Scarlett Johansson. Is incredible! !!!

  30. Greek Boham Carter needs but mirrors in its house and to be looked at in them before leaving

  31. I LIVE the speech of the King!

  32. Thanks weier:

    I am with you in which Colin has more possibilities than Bardem, although as well says Paquicose Jeff Bridges is there with a leading role. We will see it this night ‘;-)'

    For my the Oscar clearer is of Natalie Portman.

  33. I love as secondary actor Geoffrey Rush, acts very well in “El Speech of the King”
    Is buenisimo!!

  34. the social network is an excellent one pelicula and I believe that has a great possibility to leave rewarded

  35. I I am very sorry by Javier Bardem, but last year remain me with the desires that Colin Firth was carried the Oscar with the pelicula of Tom Ford and I expect that it be carried this year of corazon.

  36. The red carpet, is always interesting, and entertained, very entertained.

  37. Nicole Kidman always goes of white, with it palida that this nothing favors him, and the stupid has killed it.

  38. What him this passing to Nicole Kidman? Each day is worse. With the good-looking thing that was without being operated so much.

  39. I am according to Koji, handsome by Natalie Portman, and I believe that itself it mereceria a lot ':)'
    Itself curró the role!

  40. How much people on the carpet! Seems that they are of discounts.

    Nicole Kidman seems me that does not have very good flavor, but fixes it with the body so biutiful that God has given him.

  41. How much people on the carpet! Seems that they are of discounts.

    Nicole Kidman seems me that does not have very good flavor, but fixes it with the body so biutiful that God has given him.

  42. Me atreveria to say that the dress of Nicole Kidman is of John Galliano for Dior, but does not manage to be to the height dle year in which but good-looking was, that was going tb of dior with a golden dress of Chinese air.

  43. Good good… the couple is going to cause sensation in the carpet. Pe and Bardem!

  44. Already this Bardem with Penelope Cross… ufff a little bit tight one she, not? Therefore i do not like as goes… not itself, the rare encounter

  45. And Biutiful is a pelicula very well directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, the director, tambien directed other peliculas as Babel…ahi representing it this Bardem!!

  46. The Carpet Shine with so many Stars on Her!!

  47. The Carpet Shines with so many Stars on Her!!

  48. I do not find that the social network be a great pelicula, to my of course do not i like, I expect that be not carried large prizes.

  49. I love Hillary Swank, the good-looking thing that goes always and is a piece of actress!

  50. Guapísima Find Berry!

  51. I handsome by ‘El speech of the king’, to see as the lotteries leave!

  52. You not the sensacion gives when you see this with all the actors so simpaticos and so amusing that alone they live for this night?

  53. Some actors and actresses seem of plastic xD

  54. Hello to my the one that but i like is Value of Law that I saw does it little in version original I vote by her

  55. I like a lot as acts Colin Firth!
    How good-looking that goes!!
    And our Bardem ayss!!!

  56. @Paco thin
    To me The social network does neither enthuse me, I prefer Twitter, why to deceive us. A peli of Twitter!

  57. This night is the recognition of its work, that is to act and to be large actors and creibles, to cause to touch us upon I publishing
    Is a night to the large thing, spectacular!!

  58. That good-looking Annette Benning, that suffers that be not going to win this year the Oscar because already deserves it. It has earned him it many times but is that this year has to be for Natalie Portman

  59. Therefore I do not know if I will be the unique one but… ¿does not seem you this red carpet less glamourosa than that of passed years?

    Many people in between and too much movement of camera.

    Sandra Bullock, very elegant ':)'

  60. always they are equals, of not a single moment has surprised me

  61. Geoffrey Rush me encantaria that won this night
    Already it won an Oscar and this is its 3º nominacion

  62. Kidman bathes in milk of donkey…!!!

  63. This year Sandra Bullock this but good-looking that last year when recogio the prize. The hair collected remains him a lot better than as carried it last year.

  64. Whitney Paltrow seems a siren. Very senzilla, original and elegant. At least it carries a different color to the other

  65. I love as you saw Hillary Swank, always goes elegantisima!
    And Sharon Stone impressive…

  66. Teneis razon, not this being a red carpet excessively glamourosa neither surprising. All try to be in all the fashion magazines going it but equal possible and already this.

  67. For the time being hillary swank, find berry Sandra bullock the but elegant, pe a little disappointing although good-looking

  68. In twitter they are cataloguing to Nicole kidman and to Penelope Cross as the two disasters of this night with their dresses and sincerametne, I agree.

  69. Paltrow falls me genial, would be able to dedicate us some little words in spanish ';)'

  70. I believe that the great Law Value basket winner and quizas Javier Bardem win an oscar this up the night the Spanish actors that are the better

  71. Therefore encuento better to Pilar Bardem that to Penelope. As usual Bardem seems that passes from the microfonos Spanish

  72. All the family Bardem in the gala! To Carlos Bardem and its girlfriend former-actress porno, Celia White.

  73. And Bardem? so good-looking as usual tb

  74. Sandra bullock guapisima

  75. This night Whitney Paltrow will sing us “coming home”.

  76. Hugh Jackman, very good-looking. Genial the gala of the oscars seemed me that presented.

    To me Paltrow stole me the heart when I informed i of what him liked our country ':)'

  77. How fun the woman of Burton with the flag!

  78. Hugh Jackman, very good-looking. Genial the gala of the oscars seemed me that presented.

    To me Paltrow stole me the heart when I informed i of what him liked our country ':)'

  79. Who is that mixture of Dalí, Paco Sticks and Corbacho of the carpet?

  80. Black-and-blue with celia white did not he see it but fat (literally)
    You do not lose the twiter of carlosbardem

  81. Competence of Dresses among the Actresses in the Carpet Whitney Paltrow very Dazzling with its dressed silver!!

  82. Go beards carries Bael! My mother… with the good thing that was in American Psycho.

  83. Still it remains one of the most important by passing for the red carpet, Natalie Portmann

  84. Creeis that Greek Boham Carter tien possibilities to be carried the prize com secondary actress?

  85. Jejejej, that good! Therefore I do not know peró has remained rested dressing thus!

  86. Natalie seems a swan ^^

  87. Natalie is a cariatide Greek, always marvelous

  88. It has seemed me to see Clara Rodriguez jajajaja

  89. @Paco thin

    Therefore… has possibilities but I believe that himself does not be going to carry him ¡and do not ask me who would be carried him!

  90. How pretty goes Natalie Portman. A wrist seems, the embarrassment sits down him genial!

  91. Natalie I love how goes. And already I have set me well in that of Penélope, and not, do not i like:/

  92. Natalie Portmann very pretty in the carpet with its hair collected toward the very Beautiful Side not nesecita so many adronos since its beauty is natural

  93. Which is the first prize that is going to deliver?

  94. Sabeis which is the first prize that delivers itself?

  95. Good no longer I see carpets red, to see if wins they speak steinfele that is my bet

  96. Just Timberlake always with the alegria that Characterizes it in it Carpet shows its spark set against the interviews ‘:D'

  97. Find Berry lindisima with its dress seems me that Nicole Kidman lights up fatal

  98. the dress of penelope cross is of L’Wren Scott… that has a lot better dresses but penelope is seen that has a rare phase

  99. @Paco thin

    Neither idea of the order, I have sought for the web and nothing.

    (and you forgive for the messages that can arrive you repeated but I gives me errors at times the page ': (' )

  100. Who is nominated the best actress?

  101. by the radio can continue the gala very well, I I tell him that am poor and I have followed it by ahi many ñaos

  102. This year the prize to the main actors is very predictable and I believe that the final prizes go doing predictable to the extent that advance the gala and they go opting for an or another

  103. My favorite, the brothers Coen, and although its peli, value of law is a remake, is worthy. I believe that some won, and I believe that basket the best director.

  104. Who knows, perhaps we carry us some sorpresan with some prizes this night. Although I expect that, sincerely, few be those surprises.

  105. That suffers that neither Angelina neither Julianne Moore have been in the carpet because always they are garantia of glamour.

  106. Already remains less so that begin! I believe that this year this less decidio. The first prizes have but of a candidate, save Colin Firth, clear.

  107. @Raquel20

    Better main actress:

    Annette Bening ('The boys are well')
    Nicole Kidman ('Rabbit Hole')
    Jennifer Lawrence ('Winter´s Bone')
    Natalie Portman ('black Swan')
    Michelle Williams ('Blue Valentine')

  108. They nominated Better Actress:
    -Annette Bening by The Kids Till All Right
    -Nicole Kidman by Rabbit Hole
    -Jennifer Lawrence by Winter' s Bone
    -Natalie Portman by Black Swan
    -Michelle Williams by Blue Valentine

  109. Sharon and Scarlett spectacular!! Pe very well tambien, “una simple mother”; -))

  110. Already I want that harms! I love this. Precious dresses except that of Nicole Kidman: S

  111. Therefore to me, the Oscar to better director would be given her to Darren Aronofsky (since her operates cousin “Pi, faith in the chaos” I consider weakness he).

  112. That opinais of the presenters? I believe that with a good guion they can do a very mild gala but themselves not if by them same to be very amusing presenting

  113. The Spanish Javier Bardem (nominated Better Actor by Biutiful) and Penélope Cross Lucierón Excellent!

  114. Already begins!!! That good parody of Origin, jajaja

  115. The quick one to be a mom Natile Portman in the red carpet… Natalie Portman is the favorite one to be won the golden statuette to Better Actress by “El Black Swan”.

  116. That good parody of the origin and social network jajajajajaj

  117. The quick one to be a mom Natile Portman in the red carpet dazzles… Natalie is the favorite one to be won the golden statuette to Better Actress by “El Black Swan”.

  118. I believe that the videos can be of it but amusing of the gala

  119. The gala of the 7mo art is beginning. Enjoy!

  120. That desires that comience the gala, to screw, if that delay

  121. Jajajajaja I love the dance of the duck marron I am going to do it dance of the summer!!!

  122. That good collage with the presenters and the movies of the year!

  123. my favorite one is the speech of the king!!! seems me that the gala promises… has good paints with these young presenters

  124. Genial the video that gives beginning to the gala giving introduction to the pelis they nominated xD

    They announce besides a very singing gala. To see if is true

  125. As much as Glamour in the great night… to see if some statuette comes itself for Spain ';)'

  126. That good-looking Anne Hathaway God mio!!!

  127. jajaja very amusing it to put the family, i like the idea

  128. jajajaja, i like the queues of famous that are formed in the red carpet, expecting to sit… XD

  129. Thanks weie
    Paco thin that business about the radio I tb have done it some time, goes genial

  130. The introduccion was beginning to be extended… and already they pass to the video. Well!!

  131. Anne Hathaway is going to finish with the red palms as not to stop touching them. Good counterpoint with James Franco

  132. Victor, I with which they give the oscar to better pelicula foreign to biutiful I conform, but that of bardem I see it dificil, ademas, like I have said, me gsutaria but that were given it to Colin, it does not have and deserves itself it a lot.

  133. The setting is spectacular when the pelis are projected detras

  134. Alicia in the pies of the wonders the first one is carried oscar!!!

  135. We are saturating the paginaaa!! results me dificil to bring up to date, the q habeis mounts portalmundos!! jeje.

  136. Alicia the first one oscar at night! !!!!!!!!!! I loved the peli.

  137. First prize to better artistic direction to Alicia. It seems me very well, are some decorated and some full, splendid settings of imagination and dynamism.

  138. Fantastico the Oscar to Alicia, is precious in all the settings and all the escenografia

  139. Alicia first rewarded!!

  140. Alicia in the pies of the wonders the first one is carried Oscar!!

  141. Identical that the speech that gave karra Elejalde, mother mia, that almost we sleep in the goya

  142. Prize to better photography for Origin… did not expect it me the truth, aimed more by The speech of the king or The black swan.

  143. The origin is carried it.

  144. 5 nominations has delayed in winning it Wally. happinesses!!

  145. The short rests in the gala are thanked because the Goya were almost intolerable.

  146. The Oscar in Direction Cinematografica for The Origin!!!

  147. First great legend in the setting, seems almost of wax qpero genial genial genial kirk douglas

  148. Origin has a photographs genial, but we go, any peli already has it, is it q does the tecnologia. ^^

  149. me gustaria that was carried it Greek boham carter

  150. The Oscar had a spectacular start!

  151. The following prize Better actress of Distribution!! Who they believe that won!?

  152. Douglas, silences already!! jajajja, was making last forever the poor one…

  153. mother mia if was not a legend the actresses had killed it jajajaja, I have not seen the fighter asi that do not I think

  154. That happy that are all in the gala, to the presenters they leave themselves

  155. Therefore herself is not carried Greek the oscar to better actress of distribution:/ I love the dress of Melissa I Read

  156. Therefore all a surprise, Melissa I Read was the winner expected…

  157. Javier Bardem would be able to achieve its second one Oscar!!!

  158. that heavy when they are thanked it to the family five times, although clearly, I believe that if I were you haria the same thing

  159. That return the speeches limited for time!!! Melissa that you are passing you, time has given you to congratulate to half a world

  160. Melissa I Read, better actress of distribution by The fighter.

  161. but this girl has not realized that the dress itself him there is split seam and has remained was him itself the underwear

  162. Ayyyyyyyyy! What desires to know them already all!

  163. Another Oscar clear now for feature film of animation? Toy Story 3

  164. Melissa was my favorite one, is excellent

  165. Wins him Melissa and I think that not. Mother what does the not to sleep!! ; -XXX

  166. He did not say Timberlake ‘largometraje’? I thought so of short he knew none.

  167. now the shift of toy story, this is insurance for them

  168. Because the animacion has prizes aside?? are peliculas like the demas… with actors of dubbing, q tambien have to be recognized…

  169. Toy story won!

  170. Me there is delighted Kirk Douglas, although the poor one is not already pa’ many jog… you know…

  171. Oscar for… TOY SOTRY 3!!!! Peliculonnnnn!!!

  172. I neither weier, the short do not be used to having so much thrown

  173. Toy story I win!!! Yeahhh

  174. me charm toy story 3 for my the best of the year and of the series toy

  175. Being Toy Story 3, the ONLY peli of animation that besides is nominated to Better Movie, was of course the other two did not have anything that to do in the best feature Film of Animation.

  176. Already itself wise that were going to be various designers those of anne hathaway and for now they have been, red valentino, white givenchy… to see with which us surprises now

  177. Because the pelis of animacion tieen their own section of the oscar, is a peli as another any, and ademas its actors of dubbing have q they to be recognized tambien, I believe I…

  178. Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake delivered the Oscar to Better short Film Animated and Better Animated Movie. The winners were The Lost Thing and Toy Story 3!!! Genial =)

  179. @agustin

    It will be that themselves they are not televised because do not they know where to put the announcements.

  180. Go well the prizes, little by little, without hurry but without pause. The grief is that lacks a little but of bad saliva…

  181. uffff to bardem the jacket him this narrow narrow narrow one

  182. THE OSCAR 2011 IN ALIVE in PortalMundos this Genial one!!!!

  183. In the publicity one has time to go to the bath and to the kitchen to take something

  184. this it was enough sung that serious for the social network, the guion has been of it but praised

  185. A little just the jacket of Bardem ¿not? xD Any would say that has been he who has had the boy.

    This prize to better movie with hyphen adapted expected me.

  186. That good speech that of Aaron Sorkin, and generous in the speech. Well!!!

  187. I live bardem all of white

  188. @asier
    I agree with you, I throw in lack a little bit one of black humor and of autocritica and bad milk but themselves they are not being done heavy the truth, do not they carry badly rhythm

  189. Better Social network Hyphen Adapted!!!

  190. It deserved Oscar for Toy Story 3, has been one of the better movies of 2011, without doubt.


  192. The speech of the king!!! is going to be the night quarrelled among the three favorite, the swan, the speech and the social network

  193. Ohhh I queria to origin as better guion original!!! ': ('

  194. Better original Hyphen for the Speech of the King!!! that good!!!

  195. Go, he expected that they would give that of better original hyphen to Origin. It is going to carry only an Oscar this movie?

  196. Already I tell you weier. Bardem carried the jacket two sizes less; -XXX

  197. I am echadno in lack numeros musical

  198. ohhh nooooo by q cantaaaa?? q do it callarrr!!! is going to flatten it… jajajaja

  199. before I tell it, before they sing jejeje

  200. This account tuxedo suit as one of the 4 that will carry?

    This song sings it Katie Holmes also, equal of badly…

  201. It will be able the Mexican one “Biutiful” to be carried the Oscar after 8 nominations?? ':)'

  202. good-looking, but q sing not, by favorrr!!! jajaja

  203. jajajajajajajaja the gentlemen prefer them blondes although this blonde not themselves I

  204. Russell Brand seems removed of a chapter of Out-on-the-street xD

    Helen Mirren is as usual splendid.

  205. The fingers crusaders by Biutiful

  206. Go, the peli of Bardem does not win the Oscar. ‘En a better world’ is another movie that have not seen:$

  207. Podria to see winner Biutiful!! There it will be that to see the winner, TO Better World.

  208. Go, the Danish, already habia earned the globe, that always helps

  209. I love Anne Hathaway

  210. The poor one was trembling!! that of better peli of not English speech.

  211. As they give the oscar to Christian Bleat do not they be going to recognize it when rise. They are going to have him that to do the test of the DNA to deliver it to him

  212. Was cantao it of “In to better world”.

  213. Good that win something biutiful, you give him Mexico.

  214. Jope, is a grief that have not gone neither the actor neither the last year distribution actress to etnregar the prizes, I believe that is a norm that always remains well

  215. He expected the oscar for Geoffrey Rush:/

  216. That beards spends the tio!! jajaja.


  218. therefore the fighter this succeeding in the fear actoral for now

  219. Christian Bleat brave!!! *clap clap clap*

  220. I expect that that that was being rumored that in hollywood themselves habia undertaken a campaign against the speech of the king of anti-semitisms have not had nothing to do with which themselves they have lost two oscar

  221. Small night…gracias PortalMundos, we are passing it us very well commenting the gala, thus I am not so alone in the room, I love to read the comments, Better actor of the distribution…

  222. Christian Bleat and how to be thrown 15 years of on top age

  223. What this space is q Hollywood already is not going to permit that A single peli be carried 9 or 8 oscars, already distributes but the things, no longer is like in the epoca of Ben hur.

  224. I think that there is oscars they deserved to The speech of the king that themselves do not they be going to give and that they have not been given. That of Geoffrey Rush seemed me sung. If he has not earned him, he causes he doubts me of that of Colin Firth.

  225. Is true Belen, asi is a lot but mild.

  226. Nicole Kidman, that woman with A single expresion in the face, that of the botox

  227. I do not lose the spirits …a to see if bardem gives us a happiness to all!

  228. They I love these main themes of Stars Wars, OR… ¡oh, what nostalgia!

  229. homage to the composer of all the pelis of spilberg… q not me agreement of its name…

  230. alexander desplat is genial, itself it merecia the

  231. Another oscar for the Social Network, I love!! For my is the best peli of the year!

  232. Him do not give but oscars to the social network, q do not i like that peli, but but q swims by the actors, they fall me badly… jiji

  233. Ufff, better BSO for The social network… Was between Origin and The speech again. I they are not liking some prizes:/

  234. Poor “Origen”…

  235. Against who competes Bardem?

  236. I like the dress of Scarlett by the back. It should give the prize of backs, that is the grace of the dress.

  237. The Oscar in Alive lives itself better in PortalMundos!!!

  238. Or___Or ¿where has it put the pelis Scarlett?

  239. That genial is the prizes oscar and it nominated up the equal entry and prizes oscar

  240. Social network another Oscar!!!

  241. Origin for the time being is remaining without prize, social network is succeeding

  242. Good, another Oscar for Origin although be technician, is a great movie and deserves of other types.

  243. The Origin is carried another Oscar!!!! wow!!!

  244. therefore I believe that out of oscar technos, origin does not be going to carry much

  245. Third Oscar for Origin ':)'

  246. Wow!!! The origin the winner at night up to now!!!!

  247. The oscars technos are the better, are the ones that but flashy they have, the q without them the pelis is not swum, and they are the less popular and recognized. I live the tecnicossss! !!!

  248. @Yolanda

    Bardem competes against these actors:

    Jeff Bridges ('Value of law')
    Jesse Eisenberg ('The social network')
    Colin Firth ('The speech of the king')
    James Franco ('127 hours')

    Difficult it has it (by say not impossible)

  249. Not comments on Marisa Tomei

  250. Thanks weier,
    we trust to that Bardem its second one be carried Oscar

  251. even itself not if i like the dress to Try Blanchett

  252. Wolfman has more computer than makeup, I feel it!!

  253. Really very it obtained the characterization of The wolf, ¡gives fear truly!

  254. Oh do not I want to sound antiespañol but truly that colin firth this fanstatico and was it in the pelicual of tom ford and itself it merecia

  255. Origin is recovering, another oscar

  256. If, that had been my vote, for alicia as better wardrobe.

  257. I love the queen of hearts of Alicia! jajajaja ‘:D'

  258. the wardrobe of alicia was super well done, was a wonder

  259. It deserved in my opinion the Oscar to the best Wardrobe for Alicia. Next to the settings, is in which more emphasizes. Rarely it seems that was not nominated to Better makeup

  260. @Paco thin

    Therefore I like enough the dress to Try. Very elegant.

  261. Paco thin, Colint fith is of movies and never better said, but Bardem is a lot of Bardem

  262. Is certain weier Alicia in the wonderland deserves itself it!!

  263. Since they are fashionable PE and BAR in Hollywood already nobody agrees of the poor one Antonio Flags… gives me grief ': ('

  264. I believe that the songs deberian to interpret them in the alone gala the singers that did them, to whom occur not to them as step with antonio flags

  265. At this hour at night in which we are here in Spain, is thanked that the songs at least be not in their complete version or we sleep finally.


  267. Diana, I am with you, the Oscar for Flags already and please, that give him a good one peli, that deserves it

  268. I live Antonio Flags, ojala some day win an Oscar, deserves itself it for the large thing that is like the actor and above all as person, I love

  269. ufff the documentary, that suffers gives me not to know them, sure that some deserves really the grief

  270. Another category practically with unknown movies: the short films. To see when do they find a greater space in the offering of entertainment.

  271. Jaja, Luke Matheny… “me had to have cut the hair” but the little card with what to say well prepared had it

  272. Pure nervioooo that of the cortooo q has not been short to give the thanks to all… jaja

  273. Looooool what tangles has that of “God of love” jajajaja yes that had to have itself cut the hair, yes.

  274. upon I finalizing that has collected the prize him podrian to have given the ghd jajajaja

  275. Jajajaja, delighted this video has me. Good audio edition work and video!

  276. The dress of anne hathaway is very salome and its alive one singing

  277. Oh my God! those sit-ups of the otter are the unique thing that the x Twilight saga is saved)

  278. To my tambien i liked that of Alicia for better wardrobe, they carry a lot of work the suits

  279. It is happy me that be the documentary one that denounces to the banks the one that have earned.

  280. Go, therefore they as count seems to be a documentary quite interesting one that of Inside Job.

  281. Someone but he sees the oscar this year as very reddish? He seems but of copper that of gold, not?

  282. I like a lot as the presenters do it, they are very amusing!!
    And Anne Hathaway has to fly to be changed of suit, this very good-looking one

  283. neither a documentary one I know, a documentary one on the financial practices has earned

  284. Good, Antonio Flags is being dedicated to the theater and was going him phenomenal ¿is Not thus?

  285. Try Blanchett just he says: aghh that nausea! with the makeup of the pelicula of the werewolf and just the Oscar is carried
    That good xd

  286. Bow-wow, Billy Crystal, plas plas. Time ago that him did not he see.

  287. That they imprison upon I medicating that I operate to Billy Crystal or that descend of the motorcycle… but is that is so evil to age?

  288. Kirk Douglas genial, amusing and with a marvelous speech
    How great sense of humor!
    I believe that all we have enjoyed with its words

  289. This year the oscar honorificos are delivered in the gala or as last year they are delivered in a gala aside?

  290. I am with you! Ojala Flags do a pelicula with the one that be carried a deserved Oscar

  291. Origin is going to carry almost all the technos, the truth is that deserves it.

  292. Seems that of “Origen” only they like the effects… what a pity. Is a great history.

  293. Origin is going to carry almost all the technos and nevertheless I have the sensacion that is going to be but recalled inside 10 years that other pelis

  294. Origin is going to carry almost all the technos and nevertheless I have the sensacion that is going to be but recalled inside 10 years that other pelis as the social network

  295. The room already, another more technical one. It deserved this Oscar also of Origin. Which was the first candidate? I lost her me:/

  296. It is not fair that the black swan even do not have anything, just as paints is going to win the social network and is nothing just, me does not seem a great peli

  297. I do not understand it of “Cisne Black”… :’ (

  298. super exelente health

  299. Itself not because it gives me that the Social Network is going to carry first prizes…
    But I expect that that of better actress be for Natalie Portman

  300. Ñañañaña, go the oscars to The speech of the king.

  301. It is genial the prizes oscar and of memory I want something saluds

  302. @Paco thin

    It is true, The black swan is forgot (neither i remembered of her). It will be carried only that of Natalie.

    The gala aims at that this is going to be the night of The social network.

  303. He has died Protection Muñoz, the unica Spanish Miss Universe, and Spanish actress. Go. I feel it.

  304. Magnificent movie the Origin deserves all the prizes jaja. Was excellent.

  305. Mother mia, Jennifer Hudson each year this but stylized

  306. @Paco thin

    It is true, The black swan is forgot (neither i remembered of her). It will be carried only that of Natalie.

    The gala aims at that this is going to be the night of The social network.

    [It was strained me without nick]

    I love this song of Florence The Machine. Very emociante. Precious the simple action.

  307. It walks… did not know that the Paltrow sang ‘:o'

  308. It costs me to bring up to date the page ': (' Only by facebook I do refresh fast.
    In my opinion social network is good movie nevertheless itself does not deserve the oscar of the best.

  309. Gwyneth Paltrow should visit more Spain and to eat something from here, that is remaining each time but skeletal, above all the face.

  310. Therefore to me does not seem me that “La Social Network” deserve so many Oscar, the truth…

    Certainly, that of Toy Story 20 nominations to the Oscar… what load jajaja

  311. @Paco thin

    I believe that were you who asked on the statuette of the Oscars. It was setting me and what I see are him some reflections in reddish tones. Perhaps be for the red covering of the theater Kodak. I see it more brilliant than never.

  312. For when the peli of twitter? XDDDDD

  313. What surprise that Randy Newman have itself carried Better Song with Toy Story 3. It was the last one that thought that would be able to win. Not because i like not, but not itself, thought that would not go over there the shots. It inclined me for thinking that would win that of 127 Hours.

  314. Oh my god!! that be left already of songs!! jiji

  315. Already they should remain very little bit prizes that deliver. Someone knows which do they remain?

    As a minimum better movie, actor and actress ¿Some more?

  316. Finish so saturated of Celine Dion with titanic that todavia I have shyness of her, that invent bicarbonate to bear it

  317. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Dion… Titanic… those yes were good times of James Cameron and does not now that only do pelis in 3D ': (' It little pleases and it a lot full.

  318. @weier tb remains director

  319. @Diana

    Jajaja, ¿20? Did not that it know. Therefore then almost that is going to be the greater loser: s Although is carried a few.

    I do neither see that The social network deserve so much…

  320. To these heights of the gala, this I croon is being done me very bored. What dream gives!

  321. @Paco thin

    Oh, is worth. Thanks ':)' Only 4 prizes then. Average right now or thus will remain.

  322. Completely according to what is being commented… I see a too temperate gala.

  323. that suffers that the prizes that remain be going to give him a charity to the black swan and to the speech of the king and that go to encumbrar to the social network, truly, me does not seem just

  324. the four first prizes and to the bed, that bajon has given the gala by God, less badly than with you and with portalmundos this being a lot but animated

  325. It will not be this prize one of consolation to give him that of better peli to The social network? … I Expect that not. This peli (The speech of the king) is magnificent.

  326. Well well well well well, with luck the social network is not carried that of better pelicula, it is all the same to me that be this or that be the black swan but that not the social network be carried that of better pelicula

  327. Well it deserved the speech of the king, but i like but the Coen, that is going to do him itself…


  329. Pretty speech of Tom Hooper. What face of good had.

    We see that of actor.

  330. Annette Benning tendria that to have already the oscar by American beauty, I see it as the version female of peter or´toole, always nominated and never it is carried

  331. OO! what cut in the Oscar Honorable… they have remained with the word in the mouth… juas.

  332. Has remained a bit cutre that business about the Oscars honorable. There in the middle of the setting only to receive an applause and not to say neither average word.

  333. I agree that the social network does not deserve prizes, I believe that there is peliculas better than that and they are not in the gala.

  334. Last year they shit it with Lauren Bacall leaving it among the I publish when gave the applause and this year have risen them to the setting but we go, that nearly neither that

  335. @David velázquez

    Thus it is, I do not explain him me neither.

  336. at last a prize that is going to carry the black swan

  337. Nicole or Natali, it is all the same to me, one of the two

  338. Small necklace of chatones carries nicole kidma, alone with one of those chatones I believe that I viviria 5 years

  339. Very slow this end of the gala is being done… TO see if they give the prize to Natalie or not

  340. It was but that sung and I am happy a monton, very is deserved, brave by Natalie

  341. To the end Oscar for “Cisne Black”!!! if itself do not they come they give it to Natalie is that was every amañao jejeje

  342. Therefore already they were given it. The unique thing of The black swan? : s

    I believe that already does not remain anyone to whom to thank the oscar Natalie… is extending. Precious the borlones of the slopes.

  343. And now the moment of javier Bardem, although I continue being of the side of colin firth ‘;-)'

  344. Being nominated interpreting in Spanish already is all an achievement and he says a lot of him buenisimo actor that is

  345. if does not it win they Thatch, that win it jeff bridgets, is a crak, unforgettable in its role of the note, jajaja

  346. Yes, all a merit to arrive there with an interpretation in Spanish.

    Also I see clear the Oscar to Colin Firth, as was it that of Natalie.

  347. jajajaja how good the speech of Bullock “sigo waiting for that add me of friend in facebook”.

  348. ohhhhh

  349. There we have it ':)' Will stammer? xD Merecidísimo this prize.

  350. Was but that determined, already itself wise. Very was deserved. And it remains the first prize! !!Me seems that the speech since it tapeworm very prepared.

  351. wao this genial one this delivery and the truth this very quarrelled the competence to win one of the prized trophies since the speech of the king, the black swan, redo social, temper of steel and the origin are very good peliculas I tell it because I have seen them and all they have seemed me spectacular nevertheless my favorite one is the speech of the king ‘:D'
    I expect that all have the recognition that deserve along with its directors and large actors ':)'

  352. I like the peli of Toy Story 3 and Find Berry is guapisima.

  353. Almost zZz. They are very long the speeches.

    Already only remains the first prize: The social network VS The speech of the king?

  354. Therefore not by they expected less deserved the Oscar to Natalie and Colin. They have me delighted the two. She is guapísima.

  355. good people this is finished, has been a pleasure to be with all you

  356. Someone carries the account of the dresses of Anne Hathaway?

  357. I expect that the commemorative one to each pelicula be not very long proque with ten pelis can last but that the gal

  358. 7 dresses if me do not I mistake including the one that carry in the carpet, 8 with the suit with the one that sing

  359. Very well Bullock!!

  360. emocion… drumrolls….

  361. A lot of importance of The speech of the king in the video that precedes the great prize to better movie. Only the audio of that peli is used, the speech of Jorge V

  362. Nobody is going to believe me, but I he does MANY MANY MANY years I saw Steven Spielberg in an exposition that there was on dinosaurs in Madrid, ran the time of “Jurassic Parck”. I went with the school and I saw a man that was put inside some dioramas that there were with dinosaurs, some photos were going to do him, I thought “¿qué does that crazy uncle? now I have to wait for that leave there to do I mine to the dinosaurs… what disgust”. Then, time later I saw it in the TV ¡my God… was he! jajajajaja was a honor and foolish I by take not a picture to him ':)'

  363. Colin very deserved the prize, that large! !!!

  364. Brave! I am happy a lot. The speech of the king, great winner at night ':)'

  365. Already itself veia to come since the prize to the best director, I am happy, a good one seems me pelicula. Ademas, very of the flavor of Hollywood.

  366. Diana, if we believe us to Ana Obregon cuadno says that did a paella to Steven Spielberg because you did not we be going to believe to you?

  367. Was not my favorite, but good, this well deserved.

  368. Jajaja Diana. I to the only eminence that have had fence is to the Pozí: facepalm:

  369. There it lacks Whoopi Goldberg as in Sister Act, directing to the chorus.

  370. Ufffff to my this moment children despues of the delivery of the oscar fat seems me that exceeds. Deberian to have finished in apotheosis of prize not in this tonteria and cursileria.

  371. It won The speech of the king, bravoo

  372. It walks that at least podrian to have dressed the children but cute and not to do gymnastics.

  373. Winner The Speech of the King. Very good pelicula, although if to have earned Black Swan or Toy Story 3 tambien very to have been deserved. It has been well all the ceremony, rapido and agil, although soft. A little but of bad saliva for the 2012!!
    P d. Although the part in which Franco has left dress of blonde girl and has said “Me has called to Charlie Sheen” has been genial!!

  374. jajajajajajajajaja q good, Paco

  375. Marvelous this song, full of hopes.

    The ceremony was finished! A few less to The social network, some more to Origin and to The speech of the king, but all in all has not been badly.

  376. ^___^ it was finished!! now we to cross the fingers jijiji

    It has been a honor to share this night with you.

  377. Therefore good evening, is hour to sleep that I am that I fall. Thanks to portalmundos that has done this but mild. A greeting for all and to see if there is luck when portalmundos distribute prizes jejeje

  378. Origin the moral winner!! ; -XX I am happy. Social network perhaps something was expected more…

  379. The gala was finished

  380. Good small, a pleasure to comment this around here. Was worthwhile, now to sleep. Good evening to all ':)'

  381. I have forgot me to comment, but Portman is a wonder of actress, and this prize recognizes it, clear. Black swan is of the best of the 2010.

  382. The best of the gala, Kirk Douglas and its “¿¿Donde you were your when I toward peliculas? ?” jajajaj

  383. Good evening to tod@s and luck with the prizes.

  384. Now to sleep, and tomorrow to see some of the pelis that not habia seen todavia.
    The peli Danish the first one. As already I have said before, for next year a little bad saliva please, that so dull is less tolerable!! Aunq has been well,

  385. For my delivers has been it very well. Quiza lacks algun Oscar to Value of law, that deserved itself it. But nothing that to object in the remainder of prizes. Good, … next year more.

  386. I love the gala but also I think the quantity of money that costs and the quantity of people that there is passing hunger, above all now with the crisis

  387. In the Oscar the Dreams itself Hicierón Reality!

  388. The Kings Speech (The speech of the king) reigned last night in the prizes Oscar !!!Mejor Movie, Better Director and Better Actor!!! many surprises in this ceremony!

  389. Therefore I did not think that was going to win “El speech of the King”. For my has been all a surprise.


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