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This island earth

The attractive Lime Meacham (interpreted by Rex Reason), one of the most brilliant brains U.S. is very worried.

The fighter-bomber that is steering has just lost the control, the commands do not respond and… not, the commands are acting alone, they have changed the course of the airplane and, two turns to the left, one to the right, they direct the apparatus to an unknown place before the look of impotence of the scientific youth.

Little despues, the apparatus ghost lands in an island. And just when as much Lime as we breathe alleviated because seems that the insanity has ceased and the movie along with its argument goes to “estabilizarse”, we discover that this island is property of a race alienígena that has recruited the most advanced scientists of the Land so that they manufacture a secret weapon (nuclear, of course) that permit to conquer to another race alienígena hostile that intends to destroy its planet. Among the group of scientists, a girl good-looking, submissive and good wife that falls in love with Lime and that interprets the actress Faith Domergue; among the extraterrestrials, one evil (Brack, interpreted by Throw Fuller), and another good and comprehensive one with the humans (Exeter, in charge of Jeff Morrow). And between scientists and Martian, a kitten by name Neutron. The couple of scientists will live exciting adventures while tries to escape from the island, even they will arrive at to travel to Metaluna, the planet of their captors.

If we had that to count him this argument to a boy before be going to sleep, probably we would remove him the dream not already by the fear, but by the laughter. But on the other hand, at least to who subscribes, he has him fascinated this classical film of science fiction years 50. With his low budget, his buoyant one technicolor, his standard interpretations, his string of craft special effects and his plot LSD, all it added by a sense of humor accomplice that never should abandon as the spectators, he is possible to enjoy like an I raise of works as this. For now, This island earth does not he respond so much to the topic of the series B of American science fiction as flock of goats to think to priori. More they recalled contemporary movies by its presumed film values (or because emitted them in the state chains years ago) as Ultimatum to the land (1951) of Robert Wise, or The war of the worlds (1953), of George Pal, they possessed, in the first place, greater Manichaeism in the construction of personages and arguments, and then, were much less innovators that This island earth to level of decorated and language explicitly Sci-fi. This film of Joseph Newman is brave, daredevil and ambitious and perhaps by this providential boldness, a lot more amusing than other bores of the epoch as it cited Ultimatum to the land, of premises more “serias” and significant.

The director Joseph Newman (helped in some additional sequences by the master one Jack Arnold, of which one should recall among others The incredible waning man of 1957 or The woman and the monster, of 1954), figure very claimed in the years 80, directed with good pulse and conviction this film whose hyphen of Franklin Coen and Edward G. OR´Callaghan stemmed from the story The ally machine, of Raymond F. Jane. The history began with a good prologue (that of the fighter-bomber that already we have described), continued with a description typically fiftees of the luxurious life of the scientists in the island (in some moments seems that we be put in a melodrama of Douglas Sirk) and went culminating finally in a feast of action and adventures when describes the flight of the couple of scientists. The key moment, and that curiously has done of this film a small myth, is the apparition in the third act of the dangerous monster of Metaluna, a species of bug with pincers of crab and brain of cauliflower, clumsy and azure skin movements, that can find for sale in any store of comics of the city, to twenty euro the piece. Its very little hard apparition, and immediately to put an end to him, but is that a years science fiction movie fifty without monster never would be the same thing.

This island earth has, therefore, alienígenas of doubtful intentions, monsters of nightmare, attractive and patriotic scientists… everything that should have had a film of 1955 with flying saucers to succeed in the double programs of the thousands of movies drive-or that populated the America of the happy fifty. And as the medium American had him all (the cookbook of Betty Crocker, Frank Sinatra, the rock one n´roll…), alone he lacked a rogue. And that role complied it perfectly the nuclear-communist threat that so well collected the films of science fiction.

We have heard to speak to the satiety of what signified in the unconscious collective one the extraterrestrials, their dangerous weapons, the abduction of the honest minds of the citizens on the part of creatures that only intend to become mere robots not thinking. The American paranoia of the fear to the enemy also sniffs in This island earth, perhaps with greater subtlety because the evils are, as already we have said, a little ambivalentes, and only they want to utilize the humans during the time in which they delay in obtaining their secret weapon, then they will be able to return to their planet and to put an end to their private enemies. It is us very difficult to read in these films what thought the Americans fifty years ago, their fears and their doubts, so much that handsome to that from here fifty years more, the scholars will say the same thing of the films that we see nowadays in our billboards. Because now the enemy is another, but the fears are the same, even greater, because in the fifties there they were not World Trade Centers neither mega-villainous as Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein, but the sinister Russians and the villainous, atomic bomb without face neither names. The history is repeated, and the fears of the people of today and always, fed by the governments that take advantage of them, they will continue being printed ghostly in the stills of many of the innocent movies that we see in the multisalas they accompanied by a Pepsi Max and some popcorn.

In the meantime, if some day you see announced in the newspaper a film of called science fiction This Island earth, to which possibly puntúen with a single star in the section of criticisms, and whose hour of emission will not be before the two of the early morning, will be worth while that endure the dream and see it. Although alone it be to be felt boy again, and to be touched with the fighter-bomber whose commands do not respond and they carry to the good one of Lime Meacham to the island of the brilliant minds and the alienígenas of Metaluna.

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2 comments in This island earth

  1. “Esta island, the land” or “This Island Earth” is a very good representation of the movies of science fiction of the years 50. Now well, themselves it cannot be seen with the current vision that we have of the movies of science fiction because but, we will not be able it to see, primarily we have to situate us in the epoch in which was created since the special effects, the actions… cannot be compared to the current.

  2. But I believe that there the charm of “This resides Island Earth”, besides is a movie very entertained.


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