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Traci Lords

Does not it have the mythical category of other divas of the porno as Vanessa of the Rio or Marilyn Chambers, but for some reason, Traci Lords continues causing more subidones of livid that any another actress of the kind.

It has it all, dozens of films, a dark biography and topsail, thousands of fans that are interested for their life and work and, above all, a really precious physicist. For some is simply the actress porno more important of the history.

The life of Traci Lords begins in 1968, in Ohio, where is born with the name of Nora Louise Kuzman. Its adolescence was an insanity, well we would be able to affirm that what the normal people can live in its first 30 years of existence, lived it Traci in its first 15. At the age of ten suffers a violation that the mark for always. His father was an alcoholic and he behaved violently with her, his three sisters and the mother. When he counts on 12 years himself mute to California with his mother and the three sisters. He attends to the school as any American average that can imagine, with the only difference that to the 14 he suffers an abortion and himself leak of house. The riskier of his life he begins here.

Soon he shares flat and bed with a forty-something one. He counts on 15 years when he is presented to the Jim South’s World Modeling Agency, an agency that works for the adult public, in search of photo sessions in which he can work as a model. The forty-something one he accompanies it and he convinces the director of the agency of the virtues of Traci; she, very ready, the documentation has been faked so that figure that is 22 years old instead of 15. The director only asks to Traci that do her some naked poses to value her qualities, she does not doubt an instant in do it. He is shown unfolded and dared, account besides with a body very developed that does that nobody be asked which is her true age. They hire it to the moment.

Of the first times as model, Traci he would say: “Empecé to sit naked to win money, but he had to go to bed with filthy types for obtain more photo sessions. Soon I decided that he was more profitable to go to bed with good aunt and uncle in front of a camera and that paid me for it. Without intermediaries”.

Its début in the porno dates from 1984, with the film “What gets me hot! ”. That season also appears in all its bareness in the central pages of Penthouse. Since the first times of her meteoric career, already has changed the name of Nora, by that of Traci (Traci was its better friend of the school) Lords (Jack Lords, actor of her favorite series “Hawaii five OR’s”).

To the 18 he will roll some a hundred films, among them “Open up Traci”, “Incest family” or “Holly does Hollywood”. To the extent that accumulates more money and to be able, dares write its own hyphens (yes friends, the porno also utilizes hyphens) and rules out the sexual positions that more they displease him without nobody be discussed it.

With a good eye for the money and the business, will create the Traci Lords Productions, with which will roll films like (ríanse you) “Beverly Hills Copulator”. When it grazed the adulthood already was a millionaire, and their moaned individuals in the scenes of sex (inexpressible, better oírlos in some of their films, to me particularly they irritate me a little) were acquaintances everywhere.

Her career gives a turn without return when from some statements, is discovered that the queen of the porno had rolled all her filmography being under age. The scandal is capital in the United States. It is pursued and arrests the owners of the rights of its films, and is declared that who possess its movies is incurring in a crime of childlike pornography. The porno for Traci is finished here. Its only film of sex “legal” is “Traci I love you”, but to part of this exception, Traci is forgot of the kind that the encumbró to the fame.

Now it decides to throw along the way to deny of their immoral past, path outlined by other so many actresses porno that are impelled in wanted to be accepted as normal actresses.

It repents in fact so many cerdadas, fault to the managers covetous and to the drugs that maintained it in a limbo that him did not leave to see the reality just as was, declares to have earned little money with his career and edge is shown when some journalist asks him on his passed one porno; if you want that he be annoyed, call it former actress porno. The industry of the audiovisual sex has itself it jury to Traci, they consider it a traitor and a hypocrite, but she, from ends of the eighty, confronts a career in the sowbusiness USES accepted socially.

Its decent phase begins in 1988, with “Not of this earth” (last time, certainly, that teaches the chests in screen), and they continue him all types of telefilms and apparitions of certain echo in the large screen (”Cry baby” of John Waters in 1990, next to Johnny Depp or the acquaintance and horrible “Blade”, of 1998), cameos in series as “Casado… with children”, “MacGyver” or “Roseanne”, important roles in “Melrose Tackle” In the middle of the ninety, or in the series of science fiction “First Wave”. He tries it also with the music, invoicing he dance for the masses in disks as “1000 fires”, that permits him to be given a walk by the charts of the kind, or contributions of more artistic integrity with Manic Street Preachers or with the very same Ramones.

To her him would like that we forgot us of the Traci Lords crashes porno, in fact, if caught me writing this article for MundoCine would put out me the computer without thinking about it, but objectively, the same as Katharine Hepburn was an actress of perfect comedy because understood what signified to cause to laugh, Traci was the actress porno perfect because understood what he signified to do… well, he understood him and already he is, and therefore he deserves that We recall it with pride.

Now its autobiography is published in which, says, will leave the things in his place, so that nobody more hang him labels or he attribute him truculent histories of sex and drugs. We enjoy therefore of the dicharachera Traci surrounded by men in the juiciest scenes of the porno of the eighty and we forget to the heavy thirtysomething one that tries to be strained in a world of decency and good ways that him does not he correspond.

He returns to the porno Traci, he returns already.

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